Veg in Lowryder Grow Boxes fast and easy.

Veg stage  in Lowryder Grow Boxes fast and easy.Veg stage  in Lowryder Grow Boxes fast and easy.Some users decide to grow autoflowers in our lowryder box which is great. But if your looking for more yield we suggest using it as a cloner/veg machine. Our stealth grow box does an amazing job for veg. You can grow your favorite plants and transfer them to a hps grow room or your choice. We like using multiple boxes for multiple strains and transfer them out into a hps room. View our products here.

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  1. Owner of the 9 plant hydro box – Great product for beginners who want to cut back on start-up time.

    Status update on medical grow. Box working out well but now wish I had gone bigger to start. Added the water pump for the drip system and added a higher output air pump. Switched to Fox farm trio Hydro nutes and they are working out well; slowing adding more without any nutrient burn. Added a 2 outlet hanging light for vegging till the clones (4 of them) are bigger to keep stretching down. Root growth is amazing top growth is really just starting to take off at the end of week 2. Looking to flower in a month if all is well. I am doing reservoir changes once a week. Water PH is kept at about 5.8. I keep 5 gallon bottles with water pre-ph’ed and slightly nute’ed.

    Looking at further modding the box down the road with some tornado high cfm fans as with it closed in my house it gets up to 85 degrees. Humidity between 40 – 50% keep the door cracked an inch or so with a small fan blowing in and it stays in the mid 70s if its not to hot. Will move to an air conditioned room later. My last major mod will be cutting out a space on top of the box and putting a piece of tempered glass w/sealant and strapping a 150w HPS from sun systems (70 bucks on amazon) so I can use that for flowering while increasing space usage in the box during flowering, If it proves to be to hot I can always switch to a 400w cfl in the same config.I would recommend your product no problem.

    I am doing a complete grow journal with daily pics using my wife’s ipad but I want to wait till its nearly done before I start posting pics and stuff.

  2. Just got my box. Received it two days after placing the order. You can not get better service than that. I had a few questions and they were answered the same day or next.

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