New Ultimate Kush Cabinet Hydroponic Grow Box

One our favorite new boxes is the Ultimate Kush Cabinet Grow cabinet.  This box has the size needed for best yields, but uses very little electricity and is equipped with high powered cfl lighting. Grow and flower spectrums both come with this cabinet, allowing users to change bulbs and stage immediately.  Once you grow on the shelf and get close o the lights using your grow bulbs, simply pull the shelf out, place hydroponics basin on the bottom, and use your flowering bulbs from there.  This two stage style grow will ensure the best quality fruits and vegetables.  From seed to harvest, the Ultimate Kush Cabinet is hands down the best all around cabinet for under 500$ anywhere.  If your looking for a medium sized investment with a hell of a lot of yield upside, this Grow cabinet  is for you.

Hydroponics is fastest way to grow fruits and vegetables.

Hydroponics might get a wrap as “hydro” grow only but it can be used for a variety of different plants.  Many people use hydroponics for actual fruits and vegtables not just medicinal medicine.  Growing organically from home with your own nutrients is one way to ensure you will always be getting a clean product.  With organic foods showing more nutritional benefits than non organic fruits, its clear its better to know what your food is being tainted with.  Now, with your own hydroponic grow box, you will be able to grow year round exactly what you want to grow.  Check out our new yield machine max ufo led grow box below, and start growing some massively large tomatoes today.

hydroponic grow box