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New LED grow cabinets at internet low prices.

If in the market for a grow box that tops the rest for under 500$ price tag, we have what you need.

Our new Ghost Pro LED series grow cabinets will do an awesome job without breaking the bank.  With 150 w of full spectrum LED power , it’s 7x the power of the new led cash crop, yes, 7x.

Check out this new grow cabinet today and you won’t be sorry, everything is included.




Number one in personal grow boxes for sale.

If you have been searching for an affordable entry level grow box and were waiting for a sale, now is the time. Right now, all of our stealth grow cabinets are on sale by using code 35off at checkout. This makes our already low prices simply unbeatable.Tomato grow box on sale

Forget about other high prices but similar sized growing systems.  Our systems will perform we’ll, and get most beginners a crop they never dreamed of growing themselves with breaking the bank.  With your hydroponic grow box, you will succeed or your money back.  Check out all of out systems and let us know how we can help you on your next indoor grow.


Every grow box is on sale now for tax season.

Now more than ever is the best time to get that grow box you have been researching.  Every grow box for sale on our page now is at internet low prices.  Whether a large Hydroponic Grow cabinet or small personal Hydroponic Grow box we have the option for you.  Tax season is here, take your check and put it towards something that’ll keep paying you back over and over again.  High medical prices make this the perfect purchase for a safe medical grow inside your home.  Our grow cabinets are one of the best deals you can find as we manufacture and sell from our own warehouse.  Many other hydroponic grow box webpages dropship their units and markup is high.  This is why we’re able to offer the best prices on Hydroponic Grow systems anywhere.  Besides constructing your own, you will not find a higher-quality box at a better price anywhere in the world.


Beginner grow boxes for sale.

We do not personally get into large grows we specialize in small personal Hydroponic Grows.  If a small personal grow box is what you were looking for,we have the grow cabinet you need on sale now.  Whether a beginner or advanced grower, our unique hydroponic systems can be used by anyone and include instructions for first-time growers to succeed.

Get yourself a grow box today, on sale now!



More than just a weed grow box.

What’s this I hear about them weed grow boxes ?

This is a question some buyers have had in the past.  If your clueless to grow cabinets and indoor garden , it may seem almost crazy to comprehend in the beginning.  The truth is, grow boxes aren’t just for weed, they can grow perfect plants of any type.  Weed is probably one of the harder things to grow period out there so if people do use these grow boxes for weed, then you can be assured they can grow a hell of a lot more than just that.

More than just a weed grow box.

We wish the benefits of growing more than just weed in our grow boxes were seen more.  These systems can produce amazing indoor lettuces, basics, peppers, and even larger tomatoes year round.  It’s pretty cool to know you can grow the same as you do in your outdoor herb garden indoors inside a grow box.  If medical patients can get plants like these to grow which are tougher to grow than tomatoes, imagine the kind of production you can get out of food herbs and vegetables.


Check out all of our grow boxes today, and remember, it’s more than just a weed grow box.



Buy Hydroponic grow boxes and save thousands.

Should I buy a hydroponic grow box?

If you have never heard of a grow box now is the time to check them out.  When medicinal herb prices continue to be high, our affordable hydroponic grow box prices have never been better. Extra stock from summer has allowed us to pass on the highest quality grow box ever available anywhere at these internet low prices. All hydro boxes include everything needed to grow beautiful plants using hydroponics from home.  Now is the time to take advantage of the off season and grow yourself an amazing indoor garden inside a box.  The box consists of a self cooling hand made cabinet equipped with intake and exhaust fans, carbon odor filters, and full hydroponic systems all are included in every box. Visit our page today and see why we have the best grow boxes available anywhere.


Lots of medical marijuana grows being done now.

Medical marijuana Grow Boxes for sale.

There’s a lot of legal medical marijuana grows going on now, and why the hell not!  There’s no reason to pay sky high medicine prices anymore, there’s just no point.  With the hydroponic grow boxes field also growing, there’s a lot of thing to keep your eye on when looking to purchase.  One is quality, and at Unique-Hydroponics, that’s all your going to get from a quality cabinet to high customer service skills.  We literally have helped thousands of medical patients get their grows going in the right direction , especially for first time growers.  A lot of other hydroponic grow box pages will love to take your sale, and love to never hear from you again, and they probably wont.  We take pride in helping our medical patients and even do live walk thrus and how to sessions with local growers alike.  If your looking to get growing and have some questions about where to even begin, it will probably benefit you to call Unique-Hydroponics Grow Boxes now, 8563718868.


Quality medical marijuana grow boxes for sale.

If your a patient and suffering to pay your medical marijuana expenses, we have the answer for you.  There’s really no need to spend street price 300 plus an ounce anymore for good medicine. As seen in picture below, you can get a lot more than that in one harvest.Growboxforsale

This was vegetated in the yield machine max grow box, and was then transferred into our yield machine max grow box.  If growing your medicine sounds fun, you should check out some of our grow boxes for sale today.




New Ultimate Kush Cabinet Hydroponic Grow Box

One our favorite new boxes is the Ultimate Kush Cabinet Grow cabinet.  This box has the size needed for best yields, but uses very little electricity and is equipped with high powered cfl lighting. Grow and flower spectrums both come with this cabinet, allowing users to change bulbs and stage immediately.  Once you grow on the shelf and get close o the lights using your grow bulbs, simply pull the shelf out, place hydroponics basin on the bottom, and use your flowering bulbs from there.  This two stage style grow will ensure the best quality fruits and vegetables.  From seed to harvest, the Ultimate Kush Cabinet is hands down the best all around cabinet for under 500$ anywhere.  If your looking for a medium sized investment with a hell of a lot of yield upside, this Grow cabinet  is for you.