More than just a weed grow box.

What’s this I hear about them weed grow boxes ?

This is a question some buyers have had in the past.  If your clueless to grow cabinets and indoor garden , it may seem almost crazy to comprehend in the beginning.  The truth is, grow boxes aren’t just for weed, they can grow perfect plants of any type.  Weed is probably one of the harder things to grow period out there so if people do use these grow boxes for weed, then you can be assured they can grow a hell of a lot more than just that.

More than just a weed grow box.

We wish the benefits of growing more than just weed in our grow boxes were seen more.  These systems can produce amazing indoor lettuces, basics, peppers, and even larger tomatoes year round.  It’s pretty cool to know you can grow the same as you do in your outdoor herb garden indoors inside a grow box.  If medical patients can get plants like these to grow which are tougher to grow than tomatoes, imagine the kind of production you can get out of food herbs and vegetables.


Check out all of our grow boxes today, and remember, it’s more than just a weed grow box.